BMX workshop by BMX Pro Athletes

"Every kid deserves a bike!" - Viki Gomez 
Viki got his first BMX bicycle from his Father for Christmas in 1988. This was the best day of Viki's life and he rides his bike everyday ever since! 

We all have had that first bike, between 3 years up to being a teenager. But not many of us have actually learned anything else, besides the standard, than just pedaling forwards with the bike for transportation reasons.


Why not make something fun of it, and put some challangeing goals to your life? 


Riding a bike in different ways is possible and "less risky" with professional guidance and surveillance. We provide various complete packages of "BMX workshop", for multiple occassions, if it's: a bike trade show/event, acrobatic performance progression, school summer holidays, kids birthday parties, and even for stepping it up as coaching for establishing a young talent - we are happy to create a package for you! 


GG.M.image can assure a fully professional package, including:

- 1-2 "coaches",

- 5 -10 professional BMX bicycles by ORBEA RUDE (VG Design) (9kg weight)

- Secure equipment: Helmets, Elbow pads, and Knee pads

- First aid box



These workshops could be held during 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and longer. It is normally recommended for kids of age 9 - 21 years. If younger/older, please let us know in advance. 


Note: BMX Flatland is performed on the flat and smooth surface and is therefore NOT a dangerous or severe injury activity. It can cause minor bruises and scrates to skin, just like in any other sportive activity. 



More detailed information can be requestd to: