GG.M.image is a global leader in the young sports-art "BMX Flatland", for entertaining side-act performances and commercial campaign bookings, in association with world class riders. We take pride to state that we represent and arrange bookings with some of the world's most demanded BMX Flatland Athletes, such as the current 2016 World Champion - Viki Gomez, from Spain. 


The management is a global talent communications management, based and operating from the heart of Europe, Luxembourg, specilized in PR, product placement, marketing, branding, creative projects/campaigns, and side-acts on stage at other larger events, worldwide. 







Sports lawyer Alexandra Gobran and globally well-known action sports figure Jorge Gomez, officially founded GG.M. in 2013, from its +15 years in the industry, as a new direction for the world of BMX and the entertainment industry, where the image of the sports is emphasised in its artistic visual beauty, where exclusive custom-made collaborations & fusions are created for the sake of capturing the attention of any audience... visual art forms of physical movements are eye catching and a modern/urban cultural marketing method, highly effective and fun.