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BMX Flatland - Sportive Expression





Together with the professional know-how and organization skills by Viki Gomez, we produce and organise 2 - 3 major BMX Flatland competitions per year, where some of them to be approved by the entire community to take part of the official BMX Flatland World Circuit (BFWC Championship series), where top international Athletes will attend and compete at. In effect, this lifts up any action sports event and attracts a different type of crowd.


A BMX Flatland competition of pro level is an actionable event for a wide range of age groups and for the whole family to enjoy, as it has an entertaining factor of excitment, of somewher battle formats are held, where each Athlete has a different style to the other, as well as the represents a different nation. 



The sports is judged by 5 ex. / current professional riders on a basis of 5 judging criteria


- Originality - Riders need to create their own "signature" tricks, cominations, links and switches 

- Difficulty - Rider's tricks will be judged on how difficult their tricks are

- Variety of tricks

- Consistency - Riders shall try their best in keeping their two feet on the bicycle, without touching the surface, throughtout the entire competition run

- Flow / Freestyle - Overall impression and level of improvisation (non-predicable run)


Extra: Judging system created by Viki Gomez - where each judge judges one criteria in order to reach a fair and transparent judgment for the contestant.



Previous organised Professional competitions


- "Bike Days" 2015 (1st stop of BMX Flatland World Circuit 2015) Solothurn, Switzerland

- "Extreme Barcelona" 2014 (2ndstop of BMX Flatland World Circuit 2014) Barcelona, Spain

- "OverGround" series (3rd stop of BMX Flatland World Circuit 2014) Sao Paolo, Brazil

- "O' Marisquinho" Contest - ( 3rd stop of BMX Flatland World Circuit 2013) (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014) Vigo, Spain




If you want to find out more about the competition format/logistics/budget etc and/or book the service of organising a competition, please feel free to contact us at GG.M.image 




Red Bull Circle Of Balance 2012 Kyoto, Japan - Viki Gomez takes home the title for the 3rd time. 

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